The Altima Chase: Interactive Scavenger Hunt

In support of Nissan’s Ride of your Life sales event, we created “The Altima Chase," an interactive social media scavenger hunt that takes the "Ride of your Life” campaign to a whole new level.

Recently, mall patrons were invited to take part in the live “Ride of your Life” campaign, and prompted to “unlock” the Altima from a glass box in which it was secured. Those lucky enough to “unlock” the vault were quickly swept away to experience the sedan on a racetrack. The social media scavenger hunt begins when a jealous fan, the Mastermind, breaks in and steals the Altima, which marks the start of “The Altima Chase.”

“The Altima Chase” begins with a video from the Mastermind taunting Nissan’s social media fans to track down the car via a number of clues on social media. Over the next three weeks, fans had to follow along closely for each clue to discover where the Mastermind has hidden the Altima. By solving the clues – and with a little bit of luck – one fan walks away with the ultimate getaway car, a 2015 Nissan Altima. Those who partake in the interactive scavenger hunt are also eligible to win Altima-inspired gear and cash prizes.

Client: Nissan USA
Agency: Zócalo Group
Group Creative Director: Rina Mallick
Creative Director: Sheri Levy
Associate Creative Directors: Minor Leblond, Michelle Underwood
Senior Art Director: Sarah Sommerfeldt
Copywriters: Anthony Williams, Patrick McCarthy
Art Director: Michelle Litos
Associate Art Director: Emily Herron
Production Artist: Allen Oaks
Agency Producer: Patricia Jones
Production Company: Dictionary Films
Director: Kevin Berlandi
Executive Producer: Megan Maples
Line Producer: Gonul Aldogan
Editorial Company: Cutters
Editor: Tim Lodolce
VFX Company: Flavor