12 hours of improvised music videos for facebook fans
Shortly after the launch of the redesigned Pathfinder, Nissan wanted to generate awareness for the all-new next-gen SUV. Knowing that 84% of car shoppers are on Facebook and 41% consider new brands or vehicles based on posts seen in social media, Nissan realized the importance of Facebook as a medium to increase awareness for the new Pathfinder.

With SUV capability, thoughtful technology and premium comfort and style, Nissan positioned the Pathfinder as the ideal vehicle to confidently conquer life’s everyday adventures. With this in mind, Nissan partnered with comedians from the world-famous improv troupe, Second City, to create funny and engaging content for Facebook, focused on taking an adventure in the Pathfinder.

With a live band, 10 comedians, and two directors, Nissan created An Improv-tastic Road Trip, which resulted in 50 improvised music videos in just 12 hours. All the videos were based on suggestions from Facebook fans and showcased the innovative new Pathfinder. Each video was created in less than 15 minutes, including writing the song, wardrobe changes, and choreography.

To crowdsource suggestions for each video, Nissan asked fans to submit their ideas via its Facebook app: everything from song genre to the people they wanted to bring on a road trip. Fans could also watch all the music videos produced during the event, view cast biographies, learn more about features of the all-new Pathfinder, and take part in conversation about the event. On the day of the event, August 20, 2012, the videos were uploaded and broadcasted directly through the app immediately after they were recorded.

Nissan also extended the reach of the campaign further by using Facebook premium and marketplace ads to target people interested in the categories of comedy and automotive. To further promote the campaign and the all-new Pathfinder, Nissan distributed a press release, garnering media coverage from MediaPost and Digiday among other publications.

Campaign Performance
The campaign launched on August 9 with an intro video on Facebook inviting fans to the live event. The Improv-tastic Road Trip event took place on August 20, but we continued to promote the videos through ad support until September 10.

As a result of An Improv-tastic Road Trip, over 182 million impressions were generated for the all-new Pathfinder.

Through a combination of entertaining content and paid support, Nissan saw significant fan growth on the Pathfinder Facebook Page, growing from 0 to 19,028 in three weeks.

Plus, on the day of the event, 75% of fans on the Page were talking about the Pathfinder or interacting with the Page’s content in some way.

In addition to surpassing Nissan’s expectations for product awareness and fan growth, the campaign also generated 4,772 hand-raisers looking for more information about the all-new Pathfinder.