Example of a projection cue designed for Bombs, Babes and Bingo by Merri Biechler (Director Rachel Edwards Harvith, World Premiere from Mortar Theatre, Chicago May 2012).

This was the story of a bomb scientist whose fractured mind was misfiring rapidly as he attempted to piece together the events of his life. The 10 interior scenes of the play were assigned bingo ball numbers (0-75, 1-21, etc.) and performed in random order, determined by a live draw onstage each night. As a result, each performance was unique to that audience with 3,628,800 possible outcomes.

"Underwood’s exquisitely designed video projections bring a whimsical austerity."
-NewCity Chicago

Example of a video cue designed for Bombs, Babes and Bingo by Merri Biechler (Mortar Theatre, Chicago May 2012).

After Effects Animation

Theatrical Projection Design

I have found a natural connection between my talents in design and theatre in Projection Design. Utilizing projectors, scrim, video screens, tvs and whatever I can get my hands on, I create video experiences that weave through the storyline of a production to complement the theatricality of the moment.

One show may include hundreds of cues. I have included a sampling here to give a sense of aesthetic and skill. Depending on the project, I will use Adobe After Effects to create and edit animations and footage, shoot custom videos, and work with QLab to create cues.

Shows I’ve worked on:
I AM MONTANA by Samuel D. Hunter (Mortar Theatre, 2011)
CORAZÓN DE MANZANA by Dana Lynn Formby (Mortar Theatre, 2011)
BOMBS, BABES AND BINGO by Merri Biechler (Mortar Theatre, 2012)
GEOGRAPHY OF A HORSE DREAMER by Sam Shepard (Mary Arrchie, 2012)
KILL SHAKESPEARE: A LIVE GRAPHIC NOVEL by Conor McCreery and Anthony Del Col (Strawdog Theatre, 2013)
THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK by Lewis Carroll (Strawdog Theatre, 2013)
RAPUNZEL Book & Lyrics by David Crane and Marta Kauffman (Emerald City Theatre, 2013)
THE THREE LITTLE PIGS Book and Lyrics by Anthony Drewe (Emerald City Theatre, 2014)
CHARLOTTE’S WEB (Emerald City Theatre, 2014)


Projection Design, Animation, Video Editing